Support After a Child Dies

Parents aren’t supposed to experience the passing of their child.   When a child dies, a family experiences disbelief and the raw emotions of grief.  How do they cope?  Family members who have experienced this loss firsthand share thoughts and insights of the grief journey, how the child’s death has affected their lives, and how finding support from The Compassionate Friends has helped them to survive.

If you know someone who has experienced the loss of a child, The Compassionate Friends can help.  A dear friend told me after the passing of my dear sweet son, to remember to take care of myself and to get help.  His parents experienced the loss of their son, his older brother and never got help.  He explained how they didn’t get help and how it negatively affected thier lives.
Call or visit their Website for more information.

  • 630-990-0010 or 877-969-0010 

         (9 AM-5 PM Central or leave a voicemail)

They will assemble a packet of information pertaining to your situation.