Autopsy Report Questions

26 Jul 1998

Well, I paid my $20 and got the autopsy today. Excuse the typos that will appear. My hands are shaking so badly I can’t stop them. My baby’s death was declared cerebral anoxia, whatever that means. I was confused about lots of stuff (our pediatrician said he’d translate for us), but maybe you can help for some of this. They wrote “In hospital ‘brain dead’ protocol and ventilator 40 hrs. Brain swollen 430 grams. Lungs markedly congested and edematous. No petechiae and no optic nerve sheath hemorrhages. Thymus small <5 grams. No congenital anomaly identified. Values for height and weight on growth charts are within 50th percentile.” Manner of death (no big surprise): undetermined. Read the rest of this entry »