Immunization Information Systems (IIS) code set updates

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You are subscribed to one or more CDC code sets email subscription services. This message serves to inform you that information has recently been updated and is now available.

Links to all of the code sets can be found on the Code Sets web page.


  • Several products in the Product Name to CVX/MVX map were listed with a Product Name Status of “Active” even though the products have been discontinued. The following Products now have a status of “Inactive”:
    • Agriflu
    • MenHibrix
    • Tripedia
  • The Full Name and Short Description for CVX code 187 (zoster vaccine) have been updated to use “recombinant” rather than “subunit”.
  • The Full Name for CVX code 189 (Hep B, adjuvanted) has been updated to correct “recombivant” to “recombinant”.
  • The Name of MVX code MIP has been updated to Emergent BioSolutions.
  • New Notes have been added to ID Biomedical and Protein Sciences to indicate acquisition by other manufacturers.
  • New MVX codes have been added to the MVX table for active vaccine relabelers:
    • DSI – Dispensing Solutions
    • REB – Rebel Distributors
    • VET – Vetter Pharma Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG
  • A number of manufacturers who appear to no longer be operating in the U.S. vaccine space have been inactivated. Inactive manufacturers may still be used for historical doses.
    • Abbott Laboratories
    • Adams Laboratories, Inc.
    • Alpha Therapeutic Corporation
    • Barr Laboratories
    • Baxter Healthcare Corporation
    • Berna Products Corporation
    • Crucell
    • Dynaport
    • Greer Laboratories, Inc.
    • Immuno-U.S., Inc.
    • The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN)
    • MCM Vaccine Company
    • New York Blood Center
    • Ortho-clinical Diagnostics
    • Sclavo, Inc.
    • Talecris Biotherapeutics
    • United States Army Medical Research and Material Command
  • In the NDC Lookup Crosswalk table, the Sale GTIN and Use GTIN values were updated for some NDC pairs for the following products: Boostrix, Daptacel, DT (ped), Engerix B, FluLaval, Fluzone, Gardasil, Havrix, Hiberix, Imovax, IPOL, Menactra, Menveo, MMR, Pedvaxhib, Pentacel, Pneumovax, Prevnar, Proquad, Quadracel, Recombivax, Tenivac, Twinrix, Typhim Vi, Vaqta, Varivax, YF-Vax and Zostavax.
  • New NDCs for IXIARO by Vetter Pharma Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG have been added along with a new product entry.
  • New NDCs for Adacel by Sanofi Pasteur have been added.
  • The Unit of Use NDC for HEPLISAV-B has been updated from 43528-002-05 to 43528-002-01. The NDC tables continue to use 43528-002-05 as the Unit of Sale NDC per the package insert.
  • Td, adsorbed vaccine is produced by MassBiologics (MBL). MassBiologics distributes the vaccine in Massachusetts, but Grifols distributes the vaccine in other jurisdictions. A new CDC product has been added for Td, adsorbed vaccine distributed by Grifols.
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