CDC Registry IIS CVX and MVX Code Changes

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Two CVX codes were added to the table.

One is for the vaccine component of the H5N1 Influenza vaccine, approved in 2013. The other is for the adjuvant that is mixed with this vaccine, prior to administration.

In anticipation of a situation where vaccine and adjuvant are not packaged together, it is vital that the capacity to record each separately be developed.

Influenza H5N1 vaccine, adjuvanted 2013 will have a CVX of 160.

The AS03 adjuvant will have a CVX of 801

The Product name to CVX table was also updated to reflect the new vaccine.

Implementation Guidance:

  • Systems should work towards recording vaccine and adjuvant separately.
  • Each component should be sent in a separate Order Group in HL7 messages.
  • Systems should work towards displaying as a single event.
  • Systems supporting clinical decision support should develop the capacity to consider specific adjuvant and vaccine administered when evaluating administered vaccines and forecasting next dose.

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