CDC’s Dr. Frank DeStefano Discusses Latest Data on Rotavirus Vaccine and Risk of Intussusception in CDC Expert Commentary on Medscape

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In a recent CDC Expert Commentary on Medscape, CDC’s Director of the Immunization Safety Office Dr. Frank DeStefano takes a detailed look at the very latest data on rotavirus vaccine and the risk of intussusception, the most common cause of acute bowel obstruction in infants. Dr. DeStefano explains that providers should be ready to talk with parents about the benefits of rotavirus vaccine, as well as the small risk for intussusception associated with the vaccines. He reminds clinicians that parents need to know the signs and symptoms of intussusception. They also need to know that they should seek prompt care if they are concerned that their child may be ill.

To learn more about rotavirus, rotavirus vaccines, and the benefits and risks associated with vaccines, watch Dr. DeStefano’s commentary.

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